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秋霞在线Since 1921, Hubbard has been a worldwide reference for broiler breeding stock. Our company supplies day-old grandparent and parent stock chicks all over the world in order to produce chicken meat.

秋霞在线Always with the goal of offering improved products to our loyal and well recognized customers, Research & Development is our core business and the continuous investments in new available technologies have proven to be key.

Our commitment is to offer you the widest range of products covering all your needs, ranging from fast growing and cost efficient broilers to high value specialty (Premium) chickens. No doubt you will find your product needs with us.

All our genetic programs are designed and dedicated to meet the growing challenges of our civilization by providing efficient, healthy and tasty chicken meat for the world's growing population.

Please have a closer look and discover our company, our products and our teams looking forward to fulfil your needs.


Hubbard: a breeding company with a rich history and bright future

Discover here how History gave birth to Hubbard: give a click here to see the movie "UNH Hubbard Family Profile":





Bandeau vieux Horizontal
  • 1921: Creation of Hubbard

  • 1946:秋霞在线 Creation of Shaver

  • 1974: Merck acquires Hubbard

  • 1976:秋霞在线 Creation of ISA

  • 1978: Merck acquires BUT

  • 1988:秋霞在线 ISA acquires Shaver

  • 1997:秋霞在线 Hubbard Group and ISA Group merged and formed Hubbard ISA

  • Mid 2003: Creation of the new Hubbard Company (with Broilers only)

  • March 2005: Hubbard becomes part of Groupe Grimaud

  • February 2018: Hubbard becomes part of the Aviagen Group秋霞在线 of the German family group Erich Wesjohann Group (EWG).

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